Thursday, 16 October 2014

A sweet little itch to scratch

I've been seeing some sweet little baby bonnets popping up in my Instagram and Facebook feed of late (if you want to have a squiz, you should check out the ones available at Top Knot Girl - ultra cute!).  And, needless to say, it created an itch that I just needed to scratch.

So, as is usually the way, while I was scouring good ol' Pinterest for inspiration for another project I've got in mind, this little pattern popped up and I HAD to make it.

Very recently some dear friends had a little one who was a bit ill immediately after her birth and I visited the Mum and Dad while in hospital.  At the time, the bub was in the neonatal care unit being treated for breathing troubles so I didn't get to see or cuddle her then, but I was able to spend time with my friends and I was reminded of the troubles we went through when our boy was born.

I've found that tough times, whether its with our children or health or finances or the myriad other things that can go wrong in our life, often brings us closer to those who've also had similar experiences, and I have felt a particularly strong bond with this little one and her family.

I remember one Sunday after Lewis had been allowed to finally go home (two months after he was born), walking down the aisle at church with him in my arms I was approached by another Mum and her kids.  They told me that they had prayed for Lewis every night while he was ill and that he was 'their' baby.  It was such a heartwarming thing to hear, and I truly did know, particularly during the hardest times when we thought Lewis was going to die, that people, little people included, were praying for Lewis, and for our little family.

I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to pray for this little one while she was ill, and I am so pleased to be able to say that she is now fully recovered.  And that was a very roundabout way of saying that this little bonnet is for her, but I really think I need to make more.... anyone want one??


And on a totally unrelated note regarding my photographic journey - I've come to learn that Blogger changed a setting on Google+ that was adjusting the colour of images uploaded to blogs.  Gah!!!! So annoying!  But I've corrected that and although the images are significantly improved I'm still finding that my images aren't uploading the same as what's in my photo editor.  The teal of this bonnet is much more vibrant than in these pics, so its still quite washed out.  It's VERY frustrating, so if anyone, ANYONE, has any tips they could give me, I'd be eternally grateful!

Update: It appears that the images have corrected...??!?!?!?!  Perhaps it took some time for the changes I made on Google+ to transfer over to my blog.  Not sure on that one, but when I look up my blog in my browser the pictures look great and very different to what I can see when I'm writing a post.  Anywho, it seems to be fixed so I'm happy!

Update 2: It appears that the colours look different on different monitors (looks right my iMac, but washed out on my iPad...?), so now I'm not sure what the deal is..? Again, help would be greatly appreciated!

Pattern Credit: Apricot Baby Bonnet by crochetlatte


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