Monday, 21 July 2014

A rainbow of capelets

Just in case you were thinking I do nothing all day (you know, apart from looking after two kids, and attempting to keep a house dwell-able), I thought it was about time I showed you something very sweet I've been working on...

Snuggly warm woollen capelets!

These little capelets have a Peter Pan collar, and are fully lined in a special way so that the lining doesn't show on the edge of the capelet.  They also feature hand-stitching around the collar with embroidery cotton.

I love their upcycled vintagey-ness!

A rainbow of capelets!

I've decided that a group of these capelets surely demands a specific adjective - something like a rainbow of capelets sounds appropriate :)

If you want to make your own capelet, check out Pinterest.  There are so many tutorials out there, you'll have no worries finding one to suit your exact desires!


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