Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Vintage Love {a.k.a my obsession with old stuff}

Wife-made: Bargains found at a local op-shop for my private collection

I'm back!  And hopefully blogging regularly again...  To get the blogging juices flowing nicely, I thought I'd kick off by sharing a few of my awesome vintage finds of late.  You're probably aware that I love vintage stuff, and you've probably seen the link to my Etsy shop "The Wife-made Emporium" down the left side of the blog...?  Well, I've been stocking it, and boy have a I got some cute, kitschy, awesomeness in there to share, with more to come.  Just have to find the time to get it up there (if you've got some spare time you can give me, that would be really helpful, cos I mean, seriously?  Whose idea was it to only have 24 hours in a day??? ;) If you love vintage, you should definitely check it out.  Here's a few more pics, for your viewing pleasure ;)  Talk soon!

The Wife-made Emporium: Vintage 1970s Norwegian Porsgrund Lava Pitcher

The Wife-made Emporium: Vintage 1960s set of 10 aluminium kitchen canisters

The Wife-made Emporium: 1970s Japanese Drip-glaze coffee set

The Wife-made Emporium: Set of 3 vintage Japanese ceramic measuring jugs

The Wife-made Emporium: Vintage puppy dog planter pot

The Wife-made Emporium: One of my prized possessions - highly collectible
1958 Anchor Hocking Fire-King Snoopy bowl


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