Friday, 6 June 2014

Lost and found

Yoohoooooooo!  I'm over here!  Hidden beneath a mountain of WIPs and finished items, scraps of fabric and other paraphernalia.

Did you think I'd been abducted by aliens?  You did, didn't you.  It's ok though, I'm still here.  Just been busy, y'know, prepping for the one and only market I do each year (ok, ok, this is only my second time doing this market, but seriously, I'm pretty much imagining myself doing them forever.  Well, I will be, once I finish banging my head against my sewing table and get past the 'why did I do this to myself again??' stage).

Like I said though, I have been busy, and not around, but I have actually finished some stuff.  Please refer to Exhibit One, Two and Three.

Exhibit One: Pile Mountain of WIPs and finished pieces

I started the cushion top ages ago - it's the flying geese paper piecing pattern from Sarah Fielke's book, Quilting from Little Things.  And finally, today, got around to adding sides and a back to make it a cushion.  Another thing to add to my pile of market stock.  

Exhibit Two: Perfectly pieced flying geese (thanks to Sarah Fielke ;)

There is nothing lovelier than perfectly pieced geese.  Truly.

I made the cushion cover smaller than the insert, just to make sure it's nice and taut.  Cos, you know, there's nothing worse than saggy cushions.  Really though, I hate saggy cushions, in fact there are a lot of saggy things I don't like.  Just the word saggy is gross.  Saggy.  *insert Jimmy Fallon-esque "Ew!"

Exhibit Three: Pretty much the same as Exhibit One, minus the WIPs.  

Anywho, this really was just a flying visit to let you know I am still alive, and I'll be seeing you at the Tickled Pink Baby & Kids Market in the big E (aka. Emerald) on June 21!  So be there!  Or not.  Totally up to you.  But I'm gonna be there.  Even if you aren't.

P.S. Because I'm trying to overcome a personal dislike of myself in photos, there is even a small chance that I may post a photo of me in my market stall.  Tiny.  Oh so very tiny.  But a chance nonetheless.