Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Beautiful things

Yesterday, when I opened my letterbox, my heart skipped a beat, because hidden inside was a parcel full of these beautiful things.

My first parcel of Lecien fabric, all the way from the US of A.  Thanks to a lovely little Etsy shop called Sew Deerly Loved.  I've been waiting weeks for this.  I actually saved up to buy this fabric.

Right now it's taking pride of place of the top shelf of my sewing room bookcase, where I'm hoping it will be the source of some great inspiration :)  Although, I had to cut into the blue and pink rosebud fabric (fifth from the left) that perfectly matched a kitten embroidery I finished this morning.  It is now a pretty little cushion that I'll hopefully be able to photograph tomorrow morning to show you!

But right now, it's State of Origin night, and we've got guests coming over, so I'd better skedaddle and cook dinner!  Go the Maroons!