Saturday, 23 March 2013

Long awaited long johns

Well, hello there!  Remember me?  Been a while hey.  There is a reason I haven't posted about the new baby (yep, that's the Rosebud and Bubba-Lewey - isn't he gorgeous??), or about any of the sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free food I was supposed to be eating by now....... it's a good reason, I promise!

There's a story to tell, but I'm finding it hard to get it out of my head (and heart) and onto the computer screen.  But I figured I really needed to get back on the blogging horse, so to speak, so thought I'd show you some pjs I just finished making for the Rosebud.

The poor kid has been wearing odds and bods for pyjamas since last winter.  Basically since she grew out of all the onesies I bought for her before she was born.  Bad mother.

So thought it was high time I did something about it.  These are made using knit fabric I've picked up at the op-shop over the past few months, as well as some fabric remnants I snaffled out of the Spotlight remnants bin at $2/m, so all up, these pjs probably cost, say, $10??

Back - Cloud butt :)
Made By Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee was the pattern for the tops and I just traced around a pair of skinny jeans for the bottoms - long john stylie!

I was feeling a bit adventurous when I started out, so did a bit of knit appliqué and short sleeves.  Sounds daring, doesn't it ;)  By the end I was just pumping them out.  Next project puhlease!!!!

The Rosebud loved them - "Oh, wowee mummy.  Oh, yepplease!"

I wish I look like this when I wake up.


These ones remind me of something from the 80s.  Bad colour combo.  Very bad.  Not impressed with these at all.  Can you tell I was ultra-bored by the time I got round to my fourth pair of pyjamas?

I also picked up two tees at Cotton On for $5 each.

So the Rosebud can mix it up a little :)  And because she will, undoubtedly, spill something down the front of her top within the first five minutes of putting it on.

Awwww, sibling love.

Did I mention he's gorgeous??!!