Monday, 8 October 2012

If it's not one thing, it's another

Well, things have been very quiet on the blog front.  We've had teething happening in our household which has meant two weeks of sleepless nights, and when you're 6 months pregnant, lack of sleep is a fairly major hurdle to get over.

The Rosebud is also struggling with hay fever, and I'm itching from head to toe (not sure if it's allergies or pregnancy related).  So, we've been trundling along extremely slowly, doing what we can when we can, which hasn't been much I'm sorry to say (and if you could see the state my house is currently in you would unanimously agree!).

But, thought I'd jump on the old laptop quickly this morning to tell you about a blog challenge that I am hoping to participate in this week.

It's called "Kids Clothing Week Challenge" and the idea of it is to encourage people to sew children's clothing for one hour each day for one week.  A blog called Elsie Marley hosts it each year and if you are looking for some sewing motivation, this is definitely a great way to find it!  The challenge starts today (October 8) and continues until Friday (October 12).

I am going to do my darnedest to participate, but we've got people coming to stay this week so I really need to try and make my house a little more inviting before they arrive :)  Priorities.

Good luck to those who are participating, and have fun!