Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Studio 77 Graphic Design

Allow me to introduce you to Andrea.

She's my neighbour.  Isn't she lovely?  :)

And, between being the best neighbour ever, and running around after three kids, she's also leading lady at Studio 77 Graphic Design.

And I'm so excited that Andrea has sponsored the inaugural Wife-made Swap It Spin It Challenge.  She's the brains behind my fantastic SISI logo and new Wife-made logo!

I mean, if I'd had to do that, well..... who am I kidding.  I couldn't have done that!  Or this.

But that's A.O.K with me, because that's what creative people like Andrea love doing.  In her words, "Studio 77 helps your business look good.  I'm passionate about creating beautiful, impacting design in print and web that delivers successful results to your business."

She's one talented "stay-at home-and-look-after-three-kids-while-working-from-home" mumma!  In between maintaining a successful graphic design business, keeping her children alive, averting disasters usually created by Master Two and a Half, and being wife to her very supportive hubby she likes playing the piano, going to the beach and camping in their little retro caravan.  And because life isn't busy enough she's keen to learn guitar and take photography lessons!

So, if you need some help with making your business stand out from the crowd - give Andrea a call.  I know you won't regret it :)


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