Wednesday, 28 August 2013

An ode to NanaCompany

Whatever did people do for inspiration before the internet was created?  Seriously.  There is SO MUCH INSPIRATION to be found on Pinterest, and blogs, and Flickr etc etc.

My inspiration for this little mini-quilt?  NanaCompany.  One of the most beautiful blogs on the planet, written and crafted by one of the most talented ladies on the planet.  Prepare to be amazed, peoples.

I've been thinking about inspiration lately.  Like, when is it inspiration, and when does it just become plain old copying?

I think everything is so well marketed and 'out there' now that the lines are blurry.  Is anything really 'new' anymore?  But that's no excuse to just copy and say it's yours.

Anyway, like I said, just some thoughts I've had going through my mind of late... I'm gifting this little mini-quilt to an old friend who has just had a baby.

And here's another little quilt I finished a while ago and never got around to blogging about.

A little boy's Humpty Dumpty quilt.  Machine-quilted with blue and white ticking for the binding.  I love ticking!  This one was also inspired by a NanaCompany quilt.

This one's going in the Etsy store.  Little boy quilts are hard to come by!

And now for some blatantly gratuitous baby pics.

Oh, the rolls and cuddliness!!

Not quite sure what he's intending with that finger there.......

Just to clarify - the baby's not for sale.  I'm pretty sure that's illegal.


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