Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rare Thread

What do you get when you cross two girls from opposite sides of the country with a love of hard-to-find fabric?

Rare Thread, that's what!

Have you been dreaming of rare and out of print fabric that you absolutely must have for your next project, but haven't been able to find anywhere?

Talk to Kathy and Emma.  If it's out there, they'll find it.  It doesn't matter if it's hiding away in someone's dusty old fabric stash in Timbuctoo.  They'll find it.  It doesn't matter if it's been squashed into the nether regions of some old lady's sewing basket in a shack in the middle of the Great Sandy Desert.  If you want it, they will get it.  Even if it's.....  ok, you get my drift.

Some examples of the amazing fabric Rare Thread source for their customers.

Rare Thread.  It's not just a name, it's what they do.  Sourcing and supplying rare and out of print fabrics to handmaidens around the world!  And they love nothing more than seeing the fabric they scoured the earth for being whipped up into amazing creations by very appreciative sewists.

 But, if you're thinking that Emma and Kathy have been lifelong friends, grew up in each other's backyard and know each other's deepest darkest secrets from way back... well, you'd be wrong.


As the crow flies, there are about 3500 kilometres between Taree, where Kathy lives, and Perth, where Emma lives.  Not much chance they would just bump into one another while doing the weekly groceries.  Nope, they met while fighting it out over handmade goodness during an online Market Night.  They quickly realised a common love of handmade and fabric, and so Rare Thread was born.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  Or history in the making.

So, remember, if there's fabric that you just can't find...

Rare Thread.


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