Saturday, 21 December 2013

{Food for a Fortnight} Meal planner and shopping list

Considering my post about getting myself more organised and doing a fortnightly meal plan was longer than a fortnight ago, you could be forgiven for thinking that I had already fallen off the meal planner 'wagon', so to speak.  But, no I haven't.

It's just that I've been really busy, and haven't had a moment to sit down and put another one on paper, AND I've been trying to use up all the extra bits and pieces I have in my pantry.  But, I finally found (made) the time, and it's only taken me aaaaaallllllll daaaaaaay!  

And another reason for its lateness… I was talking to a friend about the meal plan and she remarked that she joked about getting my shopping list for my last planner.  Which got me thinking that it would be pretty cool to make up a meal plan and downloadable shopping list for anyone who doesn't mind someone else deciding what they're having for dinner :) And, since I'm certainly not a whiz on iDraw (who can afford Illustrator after all?!?!) making a 'pretty' shopping list has taken me quite. a. while.  

Nevertheless, here it is!  This instalment covers the Christmas period, during which we will have a full house with family and friends visiting at various times, and I thought it would be wise of me to be properly organised for all meals to ensure I can feed the masses.  Obviously it's going to be an expensive shop - but that's Christmas I s'pose!  I realise it's last minute and you've probably already got your food sorted, but I figured I'd still share what we'll be eating (and you never know, maybe you haven't got your menu planned yet…).

I'd classify this as state library level of organisation - I don't expect to swap meals around (I don't think… but as always, I reserve the right to change my mind :)  The shopping list contains everything you need to follow this meal plan (some things you'll probably already have in your pantry), although I haven't included ingredients for the Christmas pud as people often buy them - so that one's up to you.  We're having the last tier from our 4 and a half year old wedding cake - it's still good!  

I hope you feel inspired!  So without further ado… and starting from Sunday, the 22nd of December…

Week One
Sunday - One tray baked chicken with steamed broccoli
Monday - Ricotta fritters with tomato sauce and courgette salad
Tuesday - Beef kofta curry with fluffy, beans and peas

Christmas baking
Spiced brown sugar cookies
Lemony peach cake

Christmas lunch
Fresh prawns served with mango and avocado
Whisky, marmalade and mustard glazed ham
Peach and prosciutto salad with Persian feta (not mozzarella)
Blanched green beans with salsa verde and toasted almonds
Christmas pudding and custard
Summer berry trifle

Gin & tonic
Apple & elderflower fizz
Cucumber, gin & pineapple crush
Campari & soda

Christmas dinner
Lamb cutlets with fennel and pear salad and hot mustard dressing
Christmas pudding and custard (because you just can't have enough of this at Christmastime!!)

French toast with bacon and maple syrup, and blueberries on the side

BBQ pork sausage hot dogs with caraway and dill coleslaw

A rare night off!  The boys are cooking!

Vanilla roasted strawberries with yoghurt and bircher muesli
Apple pancakes (my own recipe which I will post soon!)

Fried ham with homemade tomato sauce on grilled bread

Steaks & chips with garlicky green beans

Green herby, cheesy scrambled eggs and ham (my own recipe - simply lots of herbs and a handful of cheese!)

Week Two
Bircher muesli with tropical fruit and vanilla yoghurt

{Back to normal meals, and probably a diet!)

Lunch & dinner

Monday - Leftovers, or whatever's in the freezer.
Tuesday - Quick crispy chicken with tomatoes and asparagus
Wednesday - Fish baps with mushy peas and tartare sauce
Thursday - Pan-fried lamb chops with cauliflower & broccoli cheese
Friday - Squash and spinach pasta rotola
Saturday - Spaghetti bolognese

And here is the shopping list… two very long pages!  If you want to download, they have been uploaded to my Flickr account.



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