Monday, 3 September 2012

Oliver + S Swingset Tunic

At the fabric shop the other day I stumbled across this beautiful watercolour violets quilting cotton and had to get it.  It has a lovely vintage-y parchment-y look to it that caught my eye.

And when I got home, this is what it turned into!  Ha!  If only it were that simple :)  

I'm really happy with my first Oliver + S production - the Swingset Tunic.  

In my humble opinion, the pattern is great.  The difficulty rating is two scissors, which I would agree with as there were a few fiddly bits.  I made the 12-18 month size (the Rosebud is 15 months old) and I'm thinking it should be good for Spring and Summer this year.  It currently fits well with a shirt underneath (still chilly enough for that) and will be great for when the weather really warms up.  

So far we've paired it with skinny jeans, a little yellow cardigan and the yellow Country Road sandals from this post.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being completely happy with the final result of your hard work.  The quilting cotton is a nice weight and it hangs well.  But I am definitely going to make this one is some light, cool voiles, that will be just perfect for our stinkin' hot summers.  Needless to say, I am not looking forward to January when I'll be feeding a newborn WITHOUT air-conditioning :(

I've been eyeing off these tortoise-shell buttons I've had in my collection for while.  Just waiting until I had the right piece to add them to.  And I think I found it.  I like myself a little bit of mis-matching.

The first addition to the Rosebud's summer collection (all handmade by the wife, of course :)  Apologies for the lack of photos showing it being worn.  Rosie is not a very cooperative model at the moment...  I will keep working on this!!

P.S.  If you'd like to purchase a little Swingset Tunic made by the wife, please contact me through my Facebook store (Wife-made), or send me an email and I can give you the details :)

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